If you're like me, using a Mac at home, a Windows box at work you probably asked yourself: “Where can I enable natural scrolling”. There is no such setting to change the mouse wheel to “natural scrolling” like on the Mac.

On the Internet you'll find a registry key (FlipFlowWheel) which changes the behaviour. But if you switch mouses like me, one at work, one at home and another elsewhere you'll have to change that setting on every mouse, which can be cumbersome.

To enable “natural scrolling” on all mice your devices already knows about, you can leverage PowerShell to do the heavy lifting.

This will unfortunately need more privileges, so start PowerShell as an Administrator to execute the command.

Get-ItemProperty HKLM:\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\HID\*\*\Device` Parameters FlipFlopWheel -EA 0 | ForEach-Object { Set-ItemProperty $_.PSPath FlipFlopWheel 1 }

Now you'll have to restart your machine, to take effect.

Source: https://www.michaelcrump.net/invert-mouse-bootcamp-win10/